Kyle Garlett Consults

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As good as Kyle is at delivering a keynote address in a room of 700, his favorite time with a client is when he is speaking with small groups or individuals. The natural give-and-take of conversation allows for a deeper understanding of what Kyle has experienced in his life and how he dealt with the many setbacks presented by his multiple cancer diagnoses and ultimate need for a heart transplant. It's also when he can best assess and assist in whatever current challenge the client is experiencing.

Just like life, the business world is filled with unexpected hurdles that require a change in attitude and focus. And no one understands more clearly how to navigate that change and adopt a new and successful strategy better than Kyle.

Salt Lake City Olympic Torch Run - 2002
Personal Coaching
Kyle has had to deal with major life interruptions no fewer than five times - not including job changes and a marriage (not all interruptions are bad, but they are all stressful just the same). And he has seen his career trajectory, geographic location, and close personal relationships all change because of forces beyond his control. It's life, it happens, and he has dealt with it more than most. And that is why he is so committed to helping, advising, and coaching people through their own maze of life choices.

  • Personal - Adversity management and recovery, exploring your true self
  • Career - Developing your passion, seizing opportunities, navigating paths and transitions, finding fulfillment
  • Relationships - Improved family communications, crystalizing goals and desires, conflict resolution
Joining your natural strengths and talents to Kyle's abilities, experience, and knowledge can help you achieve, succeed, and find balance in all aspects of life.

For more information on working with Kyle please send him an email.


Kyle Garlett, Adversity Consulting
Los Angeles
Cancer Survivor, Heart Transplant Recipient, Motivational Speaker