Kyle Garlett Does Triathlon

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The Road to Ironman
Kyle has joked many times that if he'd never had a heart transplant, it's unlikely that he ever would have attempted a triathlon. But with his new heart, came new health, and new attitude. And while still in the hospital in October of 2006, just days removed from the surgery that saved his life, Kyle changed his life by deciding to register for the Malibu Triathlon in September of 2007.

And just two years removed from crossing the Malibu finish line, his first, Kyle was preparing to become the first ever heart transplant recipient to compete at the famous Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

In the run-up to that historical day, Kyle was all over the media, including The Wall Street Journal,, Triathlon Magazine,, and hundreds of other outlets that ran the Associated Press's story.

On television Kyle's story was also a regular feature, including the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric...

... and Kyle and his UCLA heart transplant team were featured on the daytime talk show The Doctors.


Kyle Garlett, Adversity Consulting
Los Angeles
Cancer Survivor, Heart Transplant Recipient, Motivational Speaker